Allan Mayer


Strategic Communications
Through a proven process, we build value (and/or perceived value) in businesses, products, technologies, or services. And, given the critical role of advertising and public relations, we can make your agencies more efficient and more effective.

Agency Management, Supervision, & Selection
Supervising and / or selecting an advertising or public relations agency requires an appreciation for what makes a specific agency appropriate for a specific assignment. All agencies are not created equal. And, most important, the success of a business many times is tied directly to the output of an agency.

Market Research Assistance
CRH & Associates provides a broad range of services in the critical area of marketing research. With few exceptions, marketing research is a vital component of the overall strategic communications / branding process regardless of your industry, type of customer, the age of your company, or the stage of the life cycle within which your particular product / service resides.

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